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From someone-who-used-to-be-so-close.

"Ban the day, tim mai moi dc mot cai anh cua cau

Chac la to la nguoi dau tien nhi, sau bo me cau, dc bao tin cau do....uh, kieu gi cau cha do. To thua biet tong cai dieu day, tu khi nghe cau noi cau sap thi, thi vao cai ngay khung bo 11.9 co. Tu luc day da buon` lam roi. Con hom nay thi nghe xong, khoc' that roi.......khoc that, nhu cai hom thi hs gioi y

Cha hieu sao tu nhien ngoi giac nhu sap mat...mat lam sao dc. Nhng ma toan the....cau di roi, luc nao to dien dien, ai choi voi to. Lam gi co ai ngoi nhan 3 cai tin cho to, keu to nay to no....lam gi co ai bat to lam` cai nay cai kia....lam gi co ai ke cho to nghe du thu chuyen tren doi....lam gi co ai ma cho to om khi to buon nhat ............lam gi co ai.....

Nai, to biet la cau se di. To chac chan la cau se di. cau se di thuc hien cai du dinh cau deo duoi, met pho` rau....bam luc....met nhoai ma van co gang.....

Nhung to van buon` lam.....

vi To thik cau lam lam......thik cuc cuc y......cau la nguoi duy nhat to nguong mo lam lam...yeu lam lam....

Neu la con trai, to chac chan thick cau roi.!"

Only question: What has happened over the last 4 years? Since when have we totally drifted apart? Is it my fault? Your fault? Out of sight, out of mind?
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