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Before everything else: First week back home! And already got a fever, bed-ridden for 24h = = Anyway, I really haven't done anything much, except for lazing around the house all day and reading/watching stuffs, keeping update with fandoms.

I'm figuring out something more productive to commit myself to this winter (like volunteering, or learning something new), but have quite yet to come up with any good idea. A winter of SAT does not quite sound like a bright prospect to me though.

1. Xerxes Break <33 )

2. DGM & the AxK )

3. Glee - or the Chronicle of the Hummels XD )

4. Shiki - climax )

5. Shounen tournament, or one hell of an epic fail! )


That's it for now, I guess. Hope to find something better to do soon.
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(I know I shouldn't be doing this, but to hell with self-control and exams = = )Rambling and fangirling )