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Just a list of must-read books I gotta finish  (as if...)

And there's always a list... )
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Have I ever mentioned that I love detective! AU? Well, I want to correct that part, because it's not until now that I realize what I really love is suspense AU! And Yakuza AU is totally on the list.

Sam Shindou, Private Five, which I has recced earlier, is the most prominent example. It's only since yesterday that I found another master piece of Yakuza! AU that deserves much admiration and love <3

Btw, I have decided to participate in Blind Go round 8 XD" 
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Well... I'm gonna feel guilty if this post is delayed any longer, so here they are:

1. Blind Woe by [ profile] flonnebonne 

Weekly Go is celebrating its 15th Anniversary with an essay contest! The grand prize winner will receive a fabulous trip to Seoul, Korea! The topic of the essay: an experience that changed your go. All submissions must be typed and double-spaced.

Best HnG humor fic ever ^__^ )

2. Sam Shindou, Private Five by [ profile] tsukikoushi 

My name's Shindou. Sam Shindou. I'm a private five. Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed.

Warning: AU, mxm, violence, gore, mild cursing, amorality, sexual themes...

A dark, yet brilliant universe )
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It's been a long time since I last read a >100-page-long piece, and moreover, it's an AU: In the Eye of the Storm by RaVeN (Warning: mature content!).

Nope, I'm not going to add this to rec list, since I'm not that fascinated with it and it's abandoned already, but I must say I'm quite impressed by it somehow. This piece also sets the record as the fic containing the greatest amount of foul language I've ever read. But I guess it just cannot be helped - it's about pirates and all! I'm quite amazed how natural all these words flow in the piece and must acknowledge that the author has done a great job.
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Staring at the Sun by [ profile] somekindofen 
One of the most beautiful and breath-taking one-shot I've ever read. The writing style is superb and intriguing, with effective use of second person. And the pain is portrayed so genuinely that I feel like I can touch Hikaru's internal soul.
Warning: deathfic, slight SA
Character: Hikaru/Akira, Akari, Mitani


I finally get hold of a new laptop. Not brand new, of course, but at least it's not frequently used. Kinda cheap (well, it's a Dell, after all), and the screen has already got flaws. RAM 1Gb, hard disc 90 Gb, Win XP, not quite up to my expectation, but at least it's faster *sigh at this good old Vaio RAM 512MB*. I'm just afraid it would go broken soon :-S (it's a DELL!)

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Just to announce, I've just added on 2 fics on this recs list, both of which are under the one-shot gen section:

An incomplete and cursory list of hobbies that Hikaru has attempted by [ profile] zoesque 
Kuwabara is dead (Long live the Honinbo)
by [ profile] flonnebonne 

Where's my rambling ??????

I start to wonder if LJ is really a good choice :-?  Or just because I am so damn ignorant at these things.

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I've been reading a whole lot of Hikaru no Go fics lately so I just decide that I'll take down a list of my favorite of the favorite, (the purpose is mostly in case I want to reread them at the actual site :P)

Oh well, sure it's a short list, 'cause I put down my really favorite only. But I can ensure you that all of these are worth checking out XD


[ profile] murinae : my all-time favorite Hikaru no Go author. Her works are so well-written, with epic plots and the best-developed characters, as well as terribly precise pacing. Her dialogues are terrific, and trust me, every one of her works is worth reading again and again and again... I especially adore her Square one and Better Days (which can be found in the list below). I haven't read In the forest of night though, since I'm more inclined towards Hikaru and Akira.  So sad she doesn't write much anymore. Her archive is here.

[ profile] aishuu :  An active multi-fandom writer, and most of her works are simply amazing. She gives insightful perspectives into the fandoms, and her one-shots are often more of character-study. Seance de Go is her trademark, but she also writes a lot of other brilliant pieces as well. I haven't read Brightly Burning, her longest HnG multi-parter, but I definitely will. Her archive is here. (by the way, I also love her PoT fics)

[ profile] issen4 : An active Hikaru no Go regular writer. Her fics are notable for its well-developed characterization and its plot-driven style. Her works, such as Stone capture or Shadows of a voice are really intriguing. She also recs a lot of HnG fics and quite frequently. A really devoted fan. Her archive is her own LJ.

[ profile] flonnebonne : my favorite humor writer. Her fics are often fun to read, and yet they are not simple gags. Her ability to amuse the readers with such insightful paragraphs are simply amazing. Her Blind Woe is still my favorite comedy of HnG. Her archive is her own LJ.

LittleNK: She's not a native writer, thus her language are quite simple and not descriptive. But her plots are really well-constructed. I used to fuss over her The forgotten angel and Be with you always (the first is the one that drove me into reading Spiral)

Midou-kun: She has written only 3 fics, yet all of them are beautifully written. She plays Go also, so Go often plays an important part in her fics. Her pieces are also inclined towards supernatural rather than realistic, with more ghosts *squee*. A mind of his own and Through years are most notable pieces.

[ profile] lundi : a talented writer. Her works feel poetic, and always give me a sense of intangibility. Her writings are superb with various types of structures and intelligent use of alternate italic. It's such a pity that she has deleted all her works and accounts altogether, due to a false-alarm plagiarism incident. (Further details are here)


General (More exactly non-SA :P ):

A Mind of His Own by Midou-kun
"Reality is only an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." ~ Albert Einstein
Hikaru confesses Sai's existance to Touya, but does not get the support he expected. The piece is bitter and angsty, and the ending is unexpected. Warning for major character death.

Be with you always by LittleNK
I don't often read gender switch, but the writer has done a great job albeit her simple language! Girl! Hikaru PWNS! Akira/Hikaru hint.

Better Days by [ profile] murinae + Part 7a
I'm a sucker for AU, and this is everything I've ever wanted *__* Hikaru woke up in another world where Sai was known in history, and Hikaru was a badass teacher! As always, the characterization works like a charm.

Blank no Go by Shizuka Sen
In which Shindou Hikaru didn't exist, and Touya Akira was an insomnia anorexic Go pro.

Blind Man's Go by ykilel
In which Hikaru was blind. Literally.

Going Under by Maedhros

Jigo by [ profile] dracostella 
Lessons in How to Make a Bishounen Snap by [ profile] aishuu 
The forgotten angel by LittleNK
Through the years by Midou-kun
Together with you by LittleNK
Watch and Learn by esama
You May Play the Divine Move by Shizuka Sen


And I am in Arcadia by [ profile] mirabella  Part 2, 3, 4
Blind Go by [ profile] aishuu 
Blind Woe by [ profile] flonnebonne
Concerning him by grey_hunter
Going Under by Silver Thunder
Hikaru's Phoenix by [ profile] harumi 
In Vino Veritas by [ profile] issen4
Outside of the lines by [ profile] aishuu 
Sam Shindou, Private Five by [ profile] tsukikoushi 
Season of Black Chrysanthemums by [ profile] corbeaun 
Shadows of a voice by [ profile] issen4 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
Square one by [ profile] murinae 
The Extent of Denial by kk-twin/[info]phoenix_averted 



An incomplete and cursory list of hobbies that Hikaru has attempted by [ profile] zoesque 
Avocation by [ profile] murinae 
Bloodstone by Sakon76
Driven by [ profile] murinae 
Gone falling by Eevee
Kuwabara is dead (Long live the Honinbo)
by [ profile] flonnebonne 
Pain by Fayalargo Winterwoelfin
Prayer to the Gods by fruor
Schizophrenia by [ profile] aishuu 
Seance de Go by [ profile] aishuu 
Stone capture by [ profile] issen4 
Studies in Light and Shadow by [ profile] lundi (deleted by the author, and I have no intention to share it without the author's consent)
The Hand of God 1,2, Sai by Fayalargo Winterwoelfin
Twenty Diversions by [ profile] assyrian 
Yin by [ profile] aishuu 
Your Hand in Mine by [ profile] murinae

Shounen-ai (slash/ya)

A Proof by Contradiction (Eight Primary Sources, Fragmentary) by [ profile] petronia 
A resolution of territory by [ profile] arboretum 
All Strides Lengthen in a Race by [ profile] issen4 
An extremely unorganized record of the events leading to the cursing and subsequent de-cursing of one Shindou Hikaru by [ profile] takewing  
Everything Old is New Again by [ profile] aishuu 
5 of five by [ profile] chaineddove 
Inertia by [ profile] rageprufrock 
Staring at the Sun by [ profile] somekindofen 

Archives and Communities

[ profile] hikarunogo : fics and meta posts. The navel of the fandom :P
[ profile] blind_go :  the grand challenge. Plenty of gorgeous fics are here.
[ profile] igo_yaoi : slash community, with a wide range of pairings
[ profile] hikago_yaoi :  Aki/Hika or Hika/Aki tribute
[ profile] fifthmus : give and take - it's a win-win deal. That's how great this challenge is ^_^
[ profile] hng_prompts : short fics and drabbles
[ profile] ihikago : record and listen to your own fics XD
[profile] best_of_hikago : no longer updated, sadly
Hikaru no Go fanfic archives on Of course ^__^

Others' Recs:

toko's Hikaru no Go fic compendium: What can I say 0__0 The whole fandom is here 0__0
issen4's 'hng' tag: Both her fics and recs are found under this tag XD"
aishuu's rec_a_day 'hikaru no go' tag: Pay special attention to the 'rec me day' post. There are tonnes of recs from others as well.
shinra_lackey's 'hikaru no go' tag: Quite a number of fics as well.
[ profile] hikago_tribune : This one has no longer updated, sadly. I love the idea though.

This list will be constantly updated.