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Ironically this demands to be posted on September 11. More on that later.

I just realized I never did a proper New Year post for this year - understandably as I was going through the Uni App Phase at that time, after which it just slipped my mind. I am currently taking a class on Stories from the Archive, and I just realize how important it is to recount everything that happens in my life (so that my children and grandchildren can read this. Jk, like I will let them judge me this way). So here we go, 9 months into 2013 and let's see what happened in the past one and a half year.

To do a resolution check:

2012 Resolution Check )

Being a foreign worker in Singapore )

Enough of job ranting, although I would love to do a proper post on my job experience later on. Here is the resolution for the rest of this semester:
2013 Fall Resolution )