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Okay, enough with all the emo/sentimental/cheesy/sappy stuff I have been indulging myself in for the past year. Finally, I am returning to fandom, much to my stupid crazy RL mess.

Firstly, yeah, I finally got my own dreamwidth account: [personal profile] invitan . Finally, I know. Welcome to civilization at last.

Secondly, I finally manage to go to college. FINALLY. It's been decades since my peers enter this rite of passage. Or maybe 2 years. Lafayette College in the fall, here I come. Though truth be told, I am not that eager. Yet.

Thirdly, I finally had a job. A proper job that paid the rent. Yes, rent. In Singapore. It now sounds awfully like some sort of export labor. Nonetheless, working as a full-time waitress for 4 months did open my eyes a lot.

Fourthly, I need to stop this abuse of full stop if I do want to return to writing proper essays. I know right. Sigh.