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With Aiba-muse nagging me for days, I finally decide to watch Dream Live 4th, despite the initial dreadful impression of the 3rd cast (with the noble exception of Aibacchi of course!) And what can I say?

It's freakin' terrible.

Well, compared to DL3, at least.

Blame Aiba-muse for the rambling = = )
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So today is the last day of school. Supposedly. Except for that we're gonna have to stay for another 2 extended weeks to jump ahead the curriculum. Which is crap - totally crap. I swear I'm gonna sleep for the next whole 2 weeks, I SWEAR!

Anyway, this is still the last day of school, at least for sec 1 and 2. And to think that such a wealthy state would actually have no ceremony whatsoever... Graduation for sec 4 is after their 'O' level, and not until next January will they completely leave school.

Damn... the last month of school is supposed to be all-play-no-study. Students are supposed to be extremely slacking. Yet here they still carry out their work so dutifully that it hurts my brain. And heaps and heaps of homework are piling up on my desk.

There's something seriously wrong with Singaporeans' way of life...

Some fangirl squee... and a few screencaps... )
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I'm an SA fangirl and I adore bxb. I don't hate bxg though, and I'm not at all the type who will refuse to read anything besides my OTPs. It's just that I really prefer to read fics portraying my OTPs, and can never get tired of them.

Anyway, I just suddenly find it especially interesting how my OTPs all have same patterns...