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Exams. Are. Eating. My Life.

I've been trying to get rid of distraction and keeping my laptop away for concentration's sake. Then I end up seeking for other distractions (such as sleep, music, sleep, sleep, sleep = =), and eventually feel guilty because I have wasted hours not studying =.=

'Kay, so only another month. Then I can go to AFAX (Anime Festival Asia X \:D/ ), and watch Friends, and watch lots and lots of anime >__<

In the mean time, I gotta write one essay per day. What a life = =

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19/10/10 03:41 (UTC)
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Well at least you have AFAX to look forward to ;A;.
I wonder if my future's gonna be like essay per day >_>". FYI I've just started university yesterday :-S"

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19/10/10 03:43 (UTC)
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oh 0__o How was it XD? (as in college life). Is it just a briefing, or have you started your studies?

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19/10/10 05:52 (UTC)
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The briefing was last week, my first ever class was yesterday :D It's great, the teacher was cool, but I dread the homework that will undoubtedly be piling up Y__Y. Today's only my second day though, and I haven't made any new friends yet, so I can't tell much :D But I sure hope it'll be great :"D