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...Shiki OST is sure a perfect moodkill. I'm having goosebump all over just listening to the first 2 tracks, and it's New Year too.

Anyway, 2010 has been a relatively remarkable year for me. Year of finally graduating from secondary, year of 'O' level - of course. I haven't achieved anything significant academically though. On the other hand, I haven't experienced as much drama since 8th grade, and certainly not this kind of 'explosive' drama, the type that blew your mind away and left you unable to focus on anything. 8th grade was different - it was full of tension, breathless tension mind you, but only tension nonetheless. There were not nearly as many emotional outbreaks as this year - an evidence how problematic a bunch of girls living together can be.

I'm fairly certain I haven't cried as much since I was in primary school or so :-?

Weird enough, we seem to get along much better when we're no longer living together. Reminding me of a fb status of a classmate that wishes that she and her BFFs can live together in a dorm under one roof and fantasizes about how much fun it would be. Maybe it's just me being cynical, but seriously, dorm life is not really a fantastic wonderland as it seems to be *eyes rolling*. It's certainly memorable though.

Looking back on my 2010's resolutions:

- The big 'O' is coming! Stop slacking T_T! --> half-check: I was still slacking. A lot. But my study progress got better in the last week or so.
- Write more in Eng. --> If 'O' level practices count, then check :-?
- Improve pronunciation. Singlish is absolutely forbidden >__<" --> Check xD I'm pretty proud of my speaking progress last year.
- Get into ACJC or above. --> dunno yet, and I don't even want to think about it now.
- Finish something, anything = = --> err =__=
- Be a good sempai --> not as good as I hoped, but at least I'm not that bad. My kouhai left a lot to be desired though =_=
- Save enough money = = --> check "D fairly proud of my savings last year
- Go to NLB more often. --> in contrast I went to NLB less often, but I still got Silver from last year. Ha.

Okay, so moving on to this year:

- Get a mobile broadband and finally say goodbye to 30kbps Internet.
- Integrate well into JC life. At least get along with my class =_=
- Go to NLB more often \:D/ And get a damn NLB card \:D/
- Save more $$$
- Get involved in something besides NLB.
- Start... participating? Be more active? Try to stand out? =_=
- Resume ficcing if possible.
- Continue YRAP. Be brave *_*

Happy new year everybody ^o^ If the Mayas are right, we only have another year to live before apocalypse, so use your time well xD

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4/1/11 11:35 (UTC)
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I STILL HOLD ON TO MY BELIEF THAT VIETNAMESE SHOULD CELEBRATE LUNAR NEW YEAR AND NOT WESTERN NEW YEAR yada yada yada, just another excuse to not touch the resolution list :-|

What does Singlish sound like :-? ? And btw, "apocalypse" actually means "to reveal" or "to unveil" in Greek, and if "The Lost Symbol" is creditable then the "apocalypse" is actually referring to the end of the world "as we know it", since it'll be a period of the unveiling of great truth and unimaginable wisdom :-?...Don't know how much of that is true (since I don't read the Bible) but at least that's kind of, er, soothing 8D?

What's NLB? And be assured that whatever you're doing, you're already participating/active more than me ;A; I just simple DON'T participate in ANYTHING EVER ;A; (lost inspiration halfway, too lazy, etc etc :(( )

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4/1/11 11:36 (UTC)
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Oh and forgot to say, Happy New Year XD >:D

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4/1/11 11:51 (UTC)
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Happy new year to you too XD"

Since I titled it "2011 resolution", Lunar New Year doesn't count XD" Besides my 2010 list was made on Western New Year, so, yeah.

Singlish sounds like a weird hybrid of Asian English and Chinese =__= Singaporeans use a lot of 'lah', 'ah' in the sentences, and have a strong disregard for grammar. They also prefer to answer every y/n question with "can" or "cannot", or even more often, "can lah" or "cannot lah" +__+

In a nutshell, it's the type of English that is incomprehensible to the English themselves "D You may very well think they are speaking in another tongue (or aka "tiếng Anh nhà quê")

Oh I see :-? But if the climate keeps changing at the current speed, we'll be having a real-life 2012 soon enough :-< 2010 holds the record for the most natural disasters ever since such things were ever recorded, you know =((

NLB = National Library Board = Singapore National Library "D Did I mention to you that I'm a regular volunteer there?

Do you know that my fandom activity in 2010 was basically NIL? =__= Not even a small ficlet, or a translation =__= I even forgot half of my samas' birthdays =((

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4/1/11 22:04 (UTC)
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Happy New Year!

Now I can see the point of recording resolutions on LJ : in a year you can check up on yourself!

The thing I appreciate the most about this time of year is when the solstice passes and there's more and more light every day.

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5/1/11 03:35 (UTC)
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I'm under the impression that you are French :-? (wonder if that's because you told me so, or just my memory messing up, but yeah) So your region is probably up North, isn't it? (which sounds a bit silly since you're apparently European). Just that your notion about the solstice reminds me of Scandinavia or Russia, or even Alaska (or maybe it's just me being silly ^_^). Anyway, I'm living in a tropical country so the difference about light is not that clear to me, so I'm genuinely curious.

Anyway, happy New Year to you too ^__^ (Btw, you apparently have replied in the wrong thread :P)

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6/1/11 21:32 (UTC)
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Oops for the thread mistake. I'm trying to compile my own resolution list now ^_^

Yes Im in France. If that was a guess it was a good one! I probably told you, or else I made a language slip? Im from the UK originally, so I shouldn't have.

Yes there's a summer-winter daylength difference: days last up to 18 hours max in summer and 7 hours min in winter roughly (latitudes are about the same as southern Russia and northern China). Its nothing on the difference in Scandinavia but you can still feel it.

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5/1/11 07:04 (UTC)
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Oh o_O, sounds funny o_O Do you think you're affected somewhat 8DD?

D: I'm trying to be optimistic here, don't pull me down like that DDDD:

Oh oh I know that :-? I remembered the badge I made XD
Well I don't think I'm any better than you 8D. Worse than you, actually. I have 5 months free from doing any sort of schoolwork whatsoever, and I spent it on fooling real work whatsoever...8D....

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5/1/11 07:34 (UTC)
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I always have the strong urge to add 'lah' in the sentence whenever I'm talking to a Singaporean, and I frequently used 'can' as a replacement for 'yes'. Yep, I'm infected =__=

Nah, your badge is used for my school library. (Did you seriously think that I would ask you to make the badge for the National Library lolz?)

And now you may see how utterly boring my life is +_+ Library and library and library, ha ha +_+

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5/1/11 08:02 (UTC)
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*Btw this icon is called Facepalm*

Yes, yes, my skimming skills are apparently at work today, hur hur 8D.

Well that's better than my "Computer and computer and computer" D:
(Or rather, "procrastinating procrastinating procrastinating" D:)